When you are enjoying a sunny day in front of the comprehensively renovated Universal building on the banks of the Spree River, you will hear the quiet, lightly jazzy music emanating from the loudspeakers in the background and see the occasionally passing city trains on the beautiful, historic Oberbaum Bridge. You can also ponder about the old, weather-beaten lettering of the "Königstädtische Dampf-Wasch-Anstalt" (Koenigsstadt Steam Laundry) which you will see when looking across the river.

This is a place where the past and the present have merged to become the harbor of the future.

The image of this unique area is characterized by the Spree River, visionary new construction projects, lavishly renovated Wilhelminian-style buildings, and historically significant industrial complexes from the pioneering days of the 19th century.
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