Urban planning / Location

The location for the planned residential building with 56 residential units, a commercial unit and 50 underground parking spaces is located in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain.
The ensemble consists of 4 loft houses and closes the gap between the fire walls of the front building and the rear building in Kopernikusstr. 24 and 28.
Two more loft houses attached to the western gables of the rear part of the building in Grünbergerstr. 24 are going to be built
The penthouse storeys are designed with graduated setbacks.
The courtyard area on the roof of the underground garage will enhance the residential quality by means of intensive planting. A playground and common leisure areas will create an attractive ambience.

Building construction

The building will be built of solid construction. The ceilings will be built of reinforced concrete. They will be constructed as flat ceilings which rest pointwisely on the inner supporting pillars and linearly on the load bearing walls. Depending on static requirements, the load-bearing walls will either be constructed of masonry or reinforced concrete. The underground garage as well as the basement of the building will be built of waterproof concrete.
The building will be erected on a foundation slab which is also going to be made of waterproof concrete. The thickness of the base plates will be 40 to 60 cm, depending on static requirements. In the area of the reinforced concrete supports, the floor slab will be thickened in accordance with static requirements.

Exterior walls / Facade

The exterior walls will be made of load-bearing masonry/reinforced concrete and will be equipped with a thermal insulation composite system and a light-colored final coat of plaster. The appearance of the facade will be similar to the one of the loft building at Grünberger Str. 26. On the roof level, the facade will be constructed of corrugated aluminum sheeting.

Interior walls

The partition walls between the apartments will be built of solid construction (reinforced concrete, masonry) in accordance with static requirements. All non-load-bearing interior walls will be designed as light stud walls, and covered with plasterboard in accordance with noise insulation and fire protection requirements. In wet areas, moisture-resistant plasterboard will be used. All joints between the walls and the ceilings will be permanently elastically sealed against water.


The reinforced concrete ceilings will be constructed as filigree ceilings, most of them with flush beams.


The terrace areas will be covered with hardwood planks.
The flat roof of the penthouse on the top floor is designed as an extensive green roof into which the 20m² – 40m² terraces are integrated.
The stairwell is made of solid construction all the way to the roof.


All plumbing components will be made of zinc plate. The upper edge of the facade will be enhanced with a parapet and a shadow gap, or alternatively with a zinc plate cornice with a sufficient undercut (drip edge).

Heating / Hot water

Heating and hot water supply will be granted by district heating and a solar thermal energy system. Additionally, all apartments, as well as the commercial unit, will be equipped with underfloor heating to guarantee a sustained reduction in heating costs. The heating lines will consist of aluminum composite pipes. They will be hidden in shafts and inside the floor. The bathrooms will be equipped with towel heaters.

Ventilation / Smoke extraction

The underground garage will be cross-ventilated through the garage entrance and the ventilation shafts in the northern rear section of the property. The minimum ventilation opening of 3000 cm² per parking space is granted. The other basement areas will be ventilated through the light wells.
Interior bathrooms and toilets will be equipped with mechanical ventilation.
A smoke detection system with a clear cross-section of at least 1 m² will be installed for smoke extraction in the stairwell of the top floor.

Electrical installations

All rooms will be equipped with a sufficient number of switches and plugs (made by Gira) (6-10 pcs. depending on room size). All electrical wiring will be concealed under the plaster of the walls. The terraces will be equipped with an outdoor plug which can be switched on and off from the inside as well as from the outside. Outdoor lighting (made by Bega) with a switch inside the apartment will be available for all terraces. All apartments that can be accessed from the stairwell will be connected to a central doorbell/intercom system with camera and automatic door opening system. All components of the latter be in stainless steel.


The stairwell walls will be made of plastered masonry and/or reinforced concrete (elevator shaft). The flight of stairs and the landings will also be made of reinforced concrete (in situ / precast). Just like the entrance area, they will be equipped with a floor covering which will be constructed in accordance with the design proposals of the architect. The mail boxes are located in the entrance halls of the buildings (mail boxes in stainless steel).

Windows / Window sills

Wooden windows with insulated glass (U-value 1.0) and tilt/turn fittings will be installed; primarily as full-height glazing. The color of these windows will be “Spruce 2”, just like the windows of the loft building in Grünberger Str. 26. Where present, the interior window sills will be made of wood (matching the color of the interior window frames). The windows/glass doors on the ground floor will be equipped with laminated safety glass and handles in stainless steel. The window sills will be optically implemented as brick-on-end layers as in Grünberger Str. 26.

Apartment entrance doors / Interior doors

The apartments will be equipped with tightly shutting entrance doors that close automatically. Equipped safety fittings and profile cylinder locks, they will be burglary-resistant. The interior doors will be made of wood-based composite material (height 213.5 centimeters) with a white wooden frame. They will be equipped with light alloy fittings and warded locks. All handles will be in stainless steel.

Screed work

The floor construction of the living areas will be made of screed and a noise insulation layer. Bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms will have DIN-compliant sealing layers.


Industrial strip parquet will be used to cover the floors in the living areas. The floor coverings of kitchens and bathrooms will be of natural stone. The terraces will be equipped with hardwood planks.


All wet rooms, bathrooms, showers and toilets as well as parts of the utility rooms will be tiled in accordance with the design planning. Showers will be tiled to door height. All other surfaces will be painted in white.

Bathrooms / Showers / Toilets / Kitchens

The bathrooms will be equipped with toilets, washbasins, bathtubs and/or showers. Hot and cold water control will ensue via single-lever mixing batteries of upscale quality (Phillip Stark, etc.).
All bathroom fixtures will be white (Keramag). The connections for the latter will be installed on-wall. The guest toilet will be equipped with a wall-mounted toilet and a washbasin and will generally also feature a shower. Hot and cold water meters will be installed.
Interior bathrooms and toilets will be equipped with mechanical ventilation.
The bathroom and kitchen fittings are listed below:

Acrylic built-in tub 180 / 80 cm and/or flat shower tray 90 / 90 with genuine glass shower partition made by Sprinz or equivalent. Single-lever mixing battery with showerhead, wall-mounted porcelain toilet with cistern and water stop function; washbasin, porcelain, approx. 60 cm wide, with single-lever mixing battery; connection for washing machine.

The connections for water, waste water, dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and fume hood will be installed.


All walls and ceilings will be filled as necessary and painted with an opaque white emulsion coating. The stairwell will be painted with an emulsion coating, too.


Terrace railings will be made of flat or round steel, galvanized, color steel-gray, handrail in stainless steel. The floor-length windows not opening to terraces will be equipped with a French railing of the same design.

Outdoor facilities

The garden courtyard will be designed in accordance with the outdoor area plans. The courtyard facade will be equipped with energy-saving outdoor lighting and photoelectric switches.
The ground-floor apartments will have front terraces and garden sections. The private gardens will be equipped with rolled sod. Hedges will serve as visual borders.
The outdoor common areas will be designed as garden areas: lawns, flower beds, a playground and seating will create a pleasant residential ambience.

Property drainage

The drainage of the roof areas will be connected to the ground drainage. Areas such as the underground garage will be equipped with a drainage system that carries the water up so that it can seep into the ground.


The size and equipment of the playground will be constructed in accordance with the playground ordinance. There will be a sandy play area, two playground devices (seesaw and slide) and seating as well as an outdoor chess set featuring chess pieces and gaming pieces for checkers.

Parking places / Underground garage

The basement contains the underground garage as well as the tenants' cellar rooms and functional areas (building installation room, bicycle parking places).
All areas are accessible via the stairwells. The driveway leads directly to Kopernikusstrasse.
The entrance gate can be opened by remote control.

Waste disposal

A room for waste disposal can be found on the ground floor next to the stairwell passageway. It will be mechanically ventilated through a shaft (F90) above the roof.


The passageway to the residential complex is equipped with a smooth-running steel gate which carries the logo of the Kopernikushöfe. This gate is connected to the intercom system. The driveway to the underground garage is equipped with a rolling gate which can either be opened and closed by means of a remote control, or with the building key. The windows and glass doors on the entire ground floor as well as the terrace doors on the second floor are equipped with laminated safety glass (LSG). The burglary-resistant apartment doors will be equipped with safety fittings and anti-drilling devices. (WK 2 / Climate class 3).

Wood-burning stoves

Each apartment can be equipped with a wood-burning stove, a fireplace connection will be available in every unit.


The kitchens and other furnishings pictured here are not included.